My Atlantic Coast studio is an inspiring space to create art for clients based on decades of interpreting words and concepts into visuals. After attending art and design schools, I put my skills to work in the New York City fashion industry. That experience led to living on the West Coast of America and then solo-traveling the world (favorite spots: Indonesia & Switzerland) teaching marketing teams about brand and design. After extensive travel in airplanes, my dream of owning a farm came into reality. With my feet and art kit in the barnyard, I deliberately observed and studied the natural world. Now, with a wide range of interesting experiences to draw from, my watercolor, ink and digital media shows up on pages. Visit my studio and see my muses here.

Let’s connect. Please explore these website pages. If you find images that resonate with you, let me know. Maybe you are looking for illustrations to be created for a project or publication. amanda@amandamerritt.art. I’d love to hear from you.

Media Kit


Memberships and Volunteering (1990-2019)

My book illustrations at three years old.